Release Date: 20 October 2017
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It’s both a portmanteau word and a musical theory but above all it’s an album tittle – Muance, which immediately clearly announces Chapelier Fou’s aim to change skin once again while retaining the essential heart of hos work. A mutation in nuances, shot through with pertinence as the composer of international renown from Metz now knows so well how to do.

The album was a long-term project with recording taking almost 3 years. It all started with a one-week session with his musicians (Camille Momper, Maxime Tisserand and Maxime François) – alto violin, clarinet, guitar – together in a studio in a house deep in the Jura region.  For the rest, Chapelier Fou locked himself in his home studio in Metz with for sole companions his machines, instruments (violon of course but also guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, synths and Farfisa) and his bebop jazz, classical or “world” music vinyls which he used to find new samples.

To represent the album as the first single, the song “Philémon” was chosen for its melody and addictive central figure of course but mainly because it perfectly embodies the record’s overall contents. We can already say without hesitation that this is surely one of the Chalpelier Fou’s future classics and it won’t be the only one – we predict a similar status for tracks like “Oracle”, “Artifices”, “Stiiitches” and “Temps utile”. Muance is a fantastically contemporary album in that it understands its own era and the important issues. It’s not simply a musical offering – it’s like a treasure hunt that provides real playful pleasure. References and recurring figures are all elements that listeners are invited to discover and re-appropriate according to their own imagination. This is an inclusive approach that attests to the artist’s profoundly benevolent attitude towards listeners.

What better way to start, though, to listen to the single “Philémon”, now available in streaming, to share, playlist or comment on to your heart’s delight.