Music Synchronization
Soundtrack Works

Synchronization of songs from his repertoire for various formats of films (videos, feature films, short films, advertisements, etc.) and creations.


2018.  “La Belle and la Belle 

Feature film by Sophie Fillières

With: Sandrine Kiberlain, Agathe Bonitzer, Melvil Poupaud
Songs: Luggage, Secret Handshake, Le tricot, Books
Distribution/broadcasting: Cinema & TV in France


2018. “Wanderlust

TV series by Nick Payne

Song(s): Fuses

Distribution/broadcasting: TV UK (BBC One) and world Web (Netflix)


2018. “Sweet discomfort of missed connections

Short film by Hussen Ibraheem

Song(s): Antivalse

Distribution/broadcasting: Lebanon and the world


2017. Trailer for “Cornélius le meunier hurlant

Feature film by Yann Le Quellec

With: Gustave Kerven, Anaïs Desmoutier.
Song(s): Le quart de ton
Distribution/broadcasting: All world media – Outside French-speaking territories


2017. “Robin

Feature film for television by Alice Douard

With: Yoann Zimmer, M’Barek Belkouk, Jean-Toussaint Bernard, Jean-Paul Bibe.

Song(s): Darling, darling, darling.
Distribution/broadcasting: TV in France


2016. “L’âge de raison

Short film by Mathilde Petit

With: Elias Troianovski, Benjamin Lavernhe, Judith Chemla
Distribution/broadcasting: France


2015. “How To Win at Checker (Every Time)

Feature film by Josh Kim

With: Ingkarat Damrongsakkul, Toni Rakkaen, Thira Chutikul

Distribution/broadcasting: Thailand & more


2015. “Mekong Sories (Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories)

Feature film by Dang Di Phan

Distribution/broadcasting: Vietnam & more


2014. Teaser “Asisi

Teaser for the work of the artist Yadegar Asisi

Distribution/broadcasting: Web


2013. “Inside Out 

Documentary series by Alastair Siddons

With: JR, Ladj Ly, Jean-Pierre Romel, Alex Louis.

Distribution/broadcasting: World


2013. “The Typewriter

Short film by Gabriel Richard

With: Valentine Atlan, Clément Noblecourt

Distribution/broadcasting: France


2012. “Le Roi des Belges

Short film by Pierre Mazingarbe

With: Géraldine Martineau, Maud Wyler, Damien Houssier.

Distribution/broadcasting: France


2012. ” Web Lab 

Web series for Google Chrome.

Distribution/broadcasting: World


2011. “Les Français d’Aout

Documentary by Cédric Defert.

Distribution/broadcasting: TV France


2009. “Ana Glamour”

Short film by Abe Rosenberg

With: Jorge Arriola, Pedro Gamez, Danae Reynaud.

Distribution/broadcasting: Mexico.


Songs used for different dance shows, theatrical plays, readings, etc…


2018. “Les 2 Astronautes”

Dance show for a young audience by the Barjo & Cie company

Distribution/broadcasting: Belgium


2017. “Logiquimperturbabledufou

Directed by Zabou BREITMAN

Various song extracts used for the soundtrack to the play

directed by Zabou Breitman at the “Off” part of the Avignon festival in 2017.

Distribution/broadcasting: France


2015. ” Adami Reading on the 1985 Jack Lang Law

Reading directed by Zabou BREITMAN (with François Cluzet, Hervé Pierre, Christine Murillo, Zabou Breitman)

Reading during the ADAMI evening at the Sorbonne’s Grand Amphithéatre.

Distribution/broadcasting: France


2014. “Journal de ma nouvelle oreille

Directed by Zabou BREITMAN

Distribution/broadcasting: France


2015 to 2018. “Rendez-vous Place Stanislas”

Son & Lumière for the city of Nancy.

Song(s): Tea Tea Tea (Yakie Remix)
Country: France


2020 . Azzedine Alaïa

Azzedine Alaïa advertisement.

Song :  Protest
Distribution/broadcasting : Web Monde

2019. Chocapic

Nestlé advertisement.

Song(s): Les Métamorphoses du Vide
Distribution/broadcasting: World Web

and TV (France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ecuador, Bolivia)


2018. Manpower

Manpower advertisement.

Song(s): Les Métamorphoses du Vide
Distribution/broadcasting: Internal and Web


2012. Quicksilver

Quicksilver advertisement

Distribution/broadcasting: World Web


2011. Jacadi

Jacadi advertisement

Distribution/broadcasting: World Web